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Connoisseur Oriental Rugs: washing, cleaning, restoration and appraisal

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Relocation Sale - 25% Discount

We are moving and want to take you with us.

As a result of changes in the rug industry and the way we can advertise ourselves, we feel that it is no longer necessary to be connected to our customers mainly by their coming to our store.  By being primarily connected through the internet and not using a traditional store approach we will save money by keeping such overheads as taxes down and thus pass on our savings by reducing rug costs to our customers.

We are therefore going to move to a new warehouse location, remaining connected to our network of existing customers and connecting with new customers via the internet, phone, letters and this website.  There will be no reduction in the quality of our products, work or service and we will still be able to maintain our high standard of rug repair, cleaning and washing.  After selling our current premises and moving to our new location, customers will be able to come to our warehouse by appointment so that they can still use these services and look at our rugs too.  We will inform you all of our new location also via email, phone, letters and this website.

We will be keeping a smaller inventory in our new warehouse and so are now offering a discount on our existing inventory as we want to be able to reduce it as much as possible before moving – we would rather sell them than have to move them to the new location.

This is not one of those false “going out of business” sales where the rugs are inflated 90% and then seemingly discounted 70 – 80% to make the unwary buyer think they are getting a bargain.  Buying a rug is like buying a car – to make sure it is good you should always shop around and compare.  We have been in business for 30 years and have never discounted before as our prices have always been good and fair – we have our history and good reputation to back this up.  Now, purely because we are moving,  we are going to offer a 25% discount to help us reduce our inventory which will be a true discount, almost at wholesale prices and more of a bargain than that offered by other stores giving seemingly higher discounts against inflated prices.

Our property is for sale, not going out of business, just relocating.  We will now meet with our customers by appointment and look forward to serving you on the web and at our new location. Please contact us via the phone and email information listed below. We will be upgrading our website too so keep checking in for new news, features and offers.


At Connoisseur Oriental Rugs,
we offer a large selection of exceptional, fairly priced antique, semi-antique and reproduction handmade oriental rugs, carpets and textiles. We are committed to building our business as an oriental rug dealer on a reputation for good value, expertise with each rug we sell, and a promise to stand behind the quality we sell with a written guarantee as we have done as an oriental rug dealer here in Evanston, Chicago for more than 18 years. We could only have stayed this long in the oriental rug trade with the return business and recommendations of our customers.

Our Commitment We believe in service.
Not only do we appraise, clean, repair and restore rugs, we will also advise, guide and help you search for exactly the right rug for your home or collection. If you are looking for a specific kind of rug, we can locate it for you. If you already own an oriental rug but aren't happy with the size or design, we will consider buying or trading with you. We even have a full-price buy-back policy on original oriental rugs and a trade-in policy on reproductions. We can also provide accurate and reliable appraisals on your rugs for both legal and insurance purposes. We invite you to visit our showroom, repair, cleaning and restoration department or call us with your questions about oriental rugs, their cleaning and care. You are always welcome in our store.

A huge discount doesn't guarantee a bargain.
Some unscrupulous oriental rug retailers offer supposedly discounted oriental rugs at 40% to 70% off of artificially inflated prices. Oriental rugs on sale may not be worth their drastically reduced prices. The only way to be sure you're getting good value is to shop and compare. Our oriental rugs are fairly priced, every day, and our prices compare very well without the need for discounts.

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