Connoisseur Oriental Rugs: washing, restoration and appraisal
Connoisseur Oriental Rugs: washing, restoration and appraisal

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A selection from our inventory
Here are some of our many oriental rugs and carpets. We have many types and sizes including bags, pillows, newer and older items too numerous to mention. If you want to know more about something you see here or want more information about other items you are interested in please contact us.

Armenian Akstafa

Armenian Akstafa Caucasian rug, early 20 century. The rug has the date 1902 woven into it. The dimensions are 4' 1" by 7'


Bergama rug, 19 century. The dimensions are 5' 10" by 7'


Lilihan, 3rd quarter, 19th Century. Very good condition for its age. The border design is influenced by Mongolian art as were many Persian rugs after the Mongolian invasions. The dimensions are 4' 11" by 6' 4"

Tibetan Saddle cover, 19th Century

Tibetan saddle cover, 19 century. The dimensions are 3' 11" by 1' 11"

Tibetan Saddle cover early 20th, Century

Tibetan saddle cover, early 20th century. The dimensions are 4' by 2' 1"

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